Workshop for Assistant Referees held last week

The 3rd Assistant Referees’ Workshop started on a very positive note for our national assistant referees as in his introductory speech, Director of Refereeing Kevin Azzopardi announced that three of our FIFA assistant referees – Duncan Sultana, Roberto Vella and Jurgen Spiteri – were directly invited by UEFA to participate in the UEFA Assistant Referees’ Seminar to be held in April.

Kevin Azzopardi explained that the hard work and commitment of each assistant referee, plus the good work being done by the Specialised Assistant Referees’ Unit led by Philip Agius assisted by Charles Micallef and Mariano Debono, is paying off.

Mr. Leif Lindberg (UEFA Core Assistants’ Specialist Trainer and UEFA Referee Observer) was the main key speaker, who focused on themes related to Teamwork:

  • Offside – including teamwork and the new interpretation of Law 11.
  • Teamwork and foul play.
  • Awareness – “Expect the Unexpected”.

Photo: Copyright © Joe Borg

Moreover, Mr. Lindberg conducted a practical session on the field of play at the Centenary Stadium.

Another invited lecturer, Sport Psychologist Samantha Tabone, discussed the importance of Mental Preparation.

Apart from theoretical and practical sessions, the assistant referees also had a written test on Offside Situations and a General Knowledge Quiz.