Seminar for grassroots referees and newly-promoted officials

In his introduction to this seminar, held recently, Kevin Azzopardi, the Director of Refereeing, said this was the first ever grassroots seminar that gives opportunities to young officials to develop their career early on.

The Refereeing Centre is focusing on the grassroots members who must be aware of the importance on the willingness to learn by admitting mistakes as a means to improve performances.

The seminar began with a Laws of the Game quiz conducted by Paul Caruana, Head Recruitment Unit.

An on-the-field-of-play session – which included technical and core muscle exercises – was conducted by the referees’ coach Ronald Zammit, assisted by Andre Arciola as Head Grasssroots Unit, Charles Micallef as Head Assistant Referees’ Unit and member of same Unit Mariano Debono, and Paul Caruana as Head of Recruitment Unit.

The seminar came to a close with a discussion and review of DVD clips from Youth Football Association matches, conducted by the Head Grassroots Unit Andre Arciola, who also made the concluding remarks.