MFPA Awards to be presented on Monday

This coming Monday, the prestigious MFPA Awards will take place at the Xara Lodge. The event, hosted by Malta’s Players Association, will see thirty four trophies being presented to players, former players, coaches and eeferees.

What distinguishes this award ceremony from all the rest, is the fact that the winners are selected by fellow players and football rivals, who have first hand experience about what it takes to be excellent on the pitch.

Ira Losco will be enhancing the night of celebration by providing the audience with a musical interlude.

You can watch the exciting ceremony unfold as it happens by logging on ‘Malta Football Players Association’ Facebook page and watching the live stream which will start at 21.00.

Alternatively, you can watch the show on TVM (4 May 2018 @ 20.30), ONE TV (5 May 2018 @ 20.40) or NET TV (8 May 2018 @20.45).