MFA President would not confirm whether he will stand for re-election

MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo would not reveal whether he would stand for re-election next year when the second three-year term would expire.

Speaking during the closing address of the Annual General Meeting of the Malta Football Association, Darmanin Demajo said he wanted to point out his position with regards to next year’s election and the circumstances he was in, also considering previous declarations.

He said that although there was no necessity, he felt he owed it to the club and member association delegates and Council members and that he felt obliged to the people who supported him, saying he wanted to quash rumours.

“In 2016, I presented myself for the post, showed my commitment to spend another term and said that it would be a last term considering the present circumstances.”

“I was sure at the time that after that term, the stability would stay due to the people working at MFA who were involved.”

“We had handover plan which guaranteed the stability of the MFA, clubs, member associations and staff. However things do change,” said Darmanin Demajo.

“I am here for the service of the game. I am not interested in staying a day longer than necessary. But I have the responsibility of what happened and everything which is under my watch. I feel the responsibility of staff and your responsibility. There has to be stability and I will not abandon you,” the MFA president told Council members and delegates.

“This is not an easy decision and this is not an ordinary job. I am not that young and therefore, the decision has its weight.”

“I cannot confirm my decision (whether to stand for re-election). My decision depends on what you have to say. We will sit together, listen to your opinions and discuss. Then I would be in a better position to decide.”

“During the last eight years, I gave you all support possible. Now I need your guidance and assistance to know what I should do for the interest of the clubs and the association,” concluded Darmanin Demajo.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina