Malta drawn with England, Slovenia and Wales in UEFA Under-19 Championship 2020/21

Malta was drawn with England Slovenia and Wales in Group 10 of the 2020/21 UEFA European Under-19 Championship qualifying round.

The qualifying round draw was made by Arsen Yeghiazaryan, captain of last season’s Armenia team, who received the Respect Fair Play trophy on behalf of the squad from UEFA General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis.

The Group 10 mini-tournament will be played between November 11 and 17, 2020 in Wales.

The top two in each group and the third-placed team with the best record against the leading pair in their section join top seeds Portugal in the elite round in spring 2021, which will produce Romania’s seven finals opponents.

Group 1 (11–17 November): Italy, Slovakia (hosts), Cyprus, Kosovo
Group 2 (10–16 November): Ukraine, Israel (hosts), Belarus, Montenegro
Group 3 (11–17 November): Austria, Sweden (hosts), Northern Ireland, Gibraltar
Group 4 (11–17 November): Germany, Scotland, Switzerland (hosts), Luxembourg
Group 5 (7–13 October): Czech Republic (hosts), Denmark, North Macedonia, Albania
Group 6 (11–17 November): Croatia (hosts), Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan
Group 7 (11–17 November): Republic of Ireland (hosts), Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia
Group 8 (7–13 October): France, Greece, Azerbaijan, Moldova (hosts)
Group 9 (7–13 October): Norway (hosts), Hungary, Iceland, Andorra
Group 10 (11–17 November): England, Slovenia, Wales (hosts), Malta
Group 11 (7–13 October): Netherlands (hosts), Serbia, Armenia, San Marino
Group 12 (10–16 November): Turkey, Bulgaria (hosts), Russia, Lithuania
Group 13 (11–17 November): Spain, Belgium (hosts), Finland, Faroe Islands