MFA Council to meet on Monday

The Executive Committee of the Malta Football Association met for the second time this week, on Thursday, via video-conference to continue discussions on the course of action to address the unprecedented challenges and difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the Executive Committee’s decision on Monday to terminate the BOV Premier League and FA Trophy after all the other competitions had been terminated on April 29, Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo has called an online meeting of the Council – the Association’s top decision-making body – for next Monday, May 25, 2020, commencing at 16:30.

The MFA Council is the body which will discuss and decide on the sporting outcome of the terminated league championships organised by the Association in every category as well as the Gozo FA competitions.  Decisions which would determine whether the league tables are to stand or whether the leagues would be declared null, whether there will be champions for the various leagues, whether teams would be promoted or relegated, etc.

So far, the only known fact is which clubs will representing Malta in the UEFA club competitions.

Floriana would be representing Malta in the UEFA Champions League, Valletta, Hibernians and Sirens in the UEFA Europa League, Birkirkara in the UEFA Women’s Champions League and Luxol Futsal in the UEFA Futsal Champions League since the UEFA guidelines stated that if a domestic competition is prematurely terminated for legitimate reasons, UEFA would require the National Association concerned to select clubs based on sporting merit in the 2019/20 domestic competition.


  1. Why is the President taking so long to declare Floriana FC Champions ? The fact that Floriana FC have been awarded th slot to compete in the forthcoming Champions League means that they are to awarded the title.

    1. It will be the MFA Council made up of the representatives of all clubs and member associations who will decide the issue on Monday 25.

  2. It is not a requirement under these circumstances. The premature termination conbined with the requirement for sporting criteria to be the deciding factor in determining the representatives in Europe means no other team could be awarded the spot in the Champions League, only Floriana. If it makes them champions, when the championship wasn’t finished… That depends on many factors and how best to interpret the rules when you end up in a situation that goes beyond what anyone could have imagined.
    Personally I think it’s really sad that the last rounds couldn’t be completed. It didn’t seem like that many games and leagues have started up or are starting up in other countries, but maybe the pandemic hasn’t developed in as favourable a direction in Malta as it has in other parts of Europe.

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