Changes in format for FA Trophy; introduction of Amateur Cup

The remaining issues regarding play-offs and play-outs in the National leagues will be decided during a meeting of the Council of the Malta Football Association in the beginning of July.

Following the decision not to relegate any team from the various divisions and promote Zejtun Corinthians and Lija Athletic to the Premier League; Marsa, Marsaxlokk and San Gwann to the Challenge League and the merger of the Second and Third Divisions into the National Amateur League, there would be sixteen clubs in the Premier League, fifteen teams in the Challenge League and twenty-two teams in the National Amateur League.

The National Amateur League will be divided into three sections of eight or seven teams.

In the coming season, four teams would be relegated from the Premier League to the Challenge League and four from the Challenge League to the National Amateur League. Two teams would be promoted from the Challenge League to the Premier League and three from the National Amateur League to the Challenge League. There will also be play-offs and play-outs in all divisions.

The number of promotions and relegations will vary from year to year until within three years, the normal composition of the leagues with 14 teams in the Premier League, fourteen teams in the Challenge League and 25 teams in the National Amateur League is achieved.

Following the introduction of the National Amateur League, teams in this league will start taking part in a new knock-out competition – the Amateur Cup. This will be played in the first part of the season so that by December, it would have reached the semi-finals stage and the four semi-finalists would also qualify to take part in the FA Trophy which will also feature a new format.

As from season 2021/22, the National Amateur Cup will also be open to the champions of the leagues from the non-league member associations, for example, MAFA, IASC, etc.

In fact, the FA Trophy will no longer be open to all clubs within the Malta Football Association and the Gozo Football Association but only to clubs from the Premier League, the Challenge League and the Gozo Football League First Division and the four semi-finalists from the Amateur Cup.

Meanwhile with regards to the Youth League, teams will be divided over four sections rather than five as it was the case in recent years.

Twelve teams will be playing in each of Sections A, B and C and the remaining teams will be playing in Section D. This decision was taken in order to increase the number of games played by Youth teams.