BOV Gozo Football League 2020/21 draws

The Gozo Football Association held the draws of the BOV Gozo Football League and the BOV GFA Cup for season 2020/21.

The football season in Gozo will kick-off in the weekend of October 31 and November 1.

Nine teams will be playing in the BOV Gozo Football League First Division which will be played over two rounds. The draws for Match-Day 1 are:

Xaghra United vs Xewkija Tigers
Sannat Lions vs Victoria Hotspurs
SK Victoria Wanderers vs Kercem Ajax
Oratory Youths vs Ghajnsielem
Nadur Youngsters bye

 BOV Gozo Football League 1st Div1369
AXaghra UnitedBICHEFGD**
BXewkija TigersACEG**IHFD
CSannat LionsDBAEG**IHF
DVictoria HotspursCEG**IHFAB
ESK Victoria WanderersFDBCAG**IH
FKercem AjaxEG**IHADBC
GOratory YouthsHFDBCEA**I
iNadur Youngsters**AHFDBCEG

Five teams will be playing in the BOV Gozo Football League Second Division whih will be played over three rounds.

Munxar Falcons vs St Lawrence Spurs
Qala Saints vs Gharb Rangers
Zebbug Rovers bye

BOV Gozo Football League 2nd Div12345
AMunxar FalconsBECD**
BSt. Lawrence SpursAC**ED
CQala SaintsDBA**E
DGharb RangersC**EAB
EZebbug Rovers**ADBC

In the GFA Cup, champions Nadur Youngsters and runners-up Xewkija Tigers are seeding in the quarter-final stage.

The Preliminary Round draw was as follows:
Xaghra United vs Oratory Youths
SK Victoria Wanderers vs Kercem Ajax
St Lawrence Spurs vs Gharb Rangers
Ghajnsielem vs Victoria Hotspurs
Zebbug Rovers vs Munxar Falcons
Sannat Lions vs Qala Saints

Prel. Rd.C Xaghra United vsDOratory Youths 
Prel. Rd.E SKVW vsFKercem Ajax 
Prel. Rd.I St. Lawrence Spurs vsJ Gharb Rangers 
Prel. Rd.MGhajnsielem vsNVictoria Hotspurs 
Prel. Rd.GZebbug Rovers vsHMunxar Falcons 
Prel. Rd.KSannat Lions vsLQala Saints 
QF 1A Nadur Youngsters vs C or D
QF 2B Xewkija Tigers vs E or F
QF 3 G or Hvs I or J
QF 4 K or Lvs M or N
SF 1 QF1vs QF3
SF 2 QF2vs QF4

Meanwhile, the five teams of the Second Division will also contest the GFA Second Division Knock Out. The five teams will play a round-robin and the first two teams in the final table will contest the final.

GFA Second Division Knock-Out 12345
AGharb RangersBECD**
BZebbug RoversAC**ED
CMunxar FalconsDBA**E
DQala SaintsC**EAB
ESt. Lawrence Spurs**ADBC