Statement by Hamrun Spartans

Hamrun Spartans issued a statement in which they referred to a number of reports in the media over the weekend in connection with “celebrations” that are said to have taken place in Hamrun.

“While it must be said at once that Hamrun Spartans did not organize any form of celebration, we believe that many have taken the opportunity to cast an ugly shadow over our club and locality in general, when there were very few supporters who disobeyed the directives of the Health Authorities. These supporters were spoken to by the Police, even according to information given in public.”

“It is worth mentioning that the three bars operated by the club (St. Joseph High Road, Victor Tedesco Stadium and Nursery Bar) are closed according to the latest directives given last week.”

“The vast majority of fans who came out after last Saturday’s game against Hibernians used safe methods to do so, including carcades, where everyone stayed in the car, and did so safely.”

“We understand that at the moment it is time that Ħamrun has not seen for many years and the emotions are happening with some, but still the league is still open. There are 21 points left to win and lose and even though we are in first place, anything can happen.”

“We call on everyone to follow the instructions they are being given, above all as they have done and are doing the absolute majority of our supporters.”

“Ħamrun needs to keep winning both on and off the pitch, in this case by obeying the directives and helping the club with methods that do not go against the instructions being given. Should we continue to work together the time will come to reap the fruits and celebrat.

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