Force majeure regulations applied: Premier League, National Amateur League to stand; Challenge League, Women’s League declared abandoned

The Executive Committee of the Malta Football Association met via  videoconference on Friday to discuss the latest developments in the COVID 19 situation and its impact on the 2020/21 domestic competitions. 

The Executive Committee reiterated the Association’s immense disappointment at the extension of the nationwide ban on organised sports events as announced  by the Government and the Public Health Authorities this week. 

In their analysis of the repercussions caused by the prolonged ban on sporting activity, the Executive Committee took into consideration the following factors: 

  • The period of sporting inactivity since the enforced suspension of all  domestic competitions on 10th March, 2021, as decreed by Legal Notice 93 of 2021, and the subsequent extension of such restriction; 
  • The lack of direction from the Authorities as to when the ban on contact sport training and sports events will be lifted; 
  • The position already expressed by the Executive Committee that should the  above-mentioned Legal Notice be extended beyond the 12th April, the  Association would have no alternative but to terminate domestic competitions; 
  • The timeframes established by UEFA, especially the June 1 deadline, for the  submission of the names of the Maltese clubs competing in the 2021/22 UEFA  Club Competitions. 

Having considered all of the above, the Association’s Executive Committee  concluded that the eventual resumption of the 2020/21 domestic competitions is  not possible in the current circumstances and decided to terminate all competitions, invoking Article 8 of Section VII of the Association’s Rules Governing  Competitions. This Article was introduced last year to address force majeure circumstances in light of the unprecedented scenarios and complexities caused by  the COVID-19 pandemic.

Article 8 (i) of Section VII of the Competition Rules states that “where, in  extraordinary circumstances, any of the National league competitions is  terminated prematurely due to the impossibility of its natural completion for  reasons beyond the control of any party, the classification following the last  match played shall be deemed final, provided that all clubs have one-fourth or  less of the competition yet to play”. 

In addition, Article 8 (iii) stipulates that “other than with respect to a club(s) that,  at the moment of termination as provided above, would have already mathematically won the competition or have been mathematically promoted or  relegated, where the respective competitions have not yet reached the stage as  provided in sub-article (i), they shall be declared abandoned and no champion  shall be declared. Furthermore, in such case there shall be no promotions and/or  relegations”. 

In accordance with these regulations, the outcomes of the 2020/21 domestic  competitions are as follows: 


All clubs have played 76.67 per cent of their matches, meaning that the 75%  requirement (one-fourth or fewer matches remain to be played) has been met.  Hence, the classification after the last matchday (23) is declared final and to  stand. 

Ħamrun Spartans FC have been declared champions as they occupy first place in  the BOV Premier League classification while Hibernians FC, Gżira United FC and Birkirkara FC – the clubs positioned second to fourth – would be the clubs  qualifying for the 2021/22 UEFA club competitions.  

The participation of the afore-mentioned four clubs in next season’s UEFA club  competitions is subject to the granting of a club licence and in accordance with  the rules, regulations, directives and guidelines issued by UEFA.

The four clubs who occupied the last four positions in the classification – Żejtun  Corinthians, Tarxien Rainbows, Lija Athletic and Senglea Athletic – will be  relegated (Senglea Athletic were already mathematically relegated). 


In the BOV Challenge League, not all 15 teams have reached the threshold of 75  per cent matches played and as a result, this championship is to be considered  abandoned. 

In accordance with the regulations, Qormi FC will play in the National Amateur  League next season as they were already mathematically relegated at the point of  abandonment of the Challenge League. 

Furthermore, as a result of such abandonment the Relegation/Promotion Play-Off  between the 12th placed in the Premier Division and the 3rd placed in the  Challenge League cannot and will not be played. 


The BOV National Amateur League was completed before the COVID-19 ban on sports event came into effect. 

Luqa St Andrew’s FC won the championship with the other promoted teams being  Melita FC, Mġarr United FC and Rabat Ajax FC. 


In the BOV Women’s League, not all seven teams have reached the threshold of 75  per cent matches played and as a result, this championship is to be considered  abandoned.

The Executive Committee decided that on the basis of sporting merit, as required by UEFA regulations, Birkirkara FC are to be nominated to participate in the UEFA  Women’s Champions League 2021/22. 


The following championships have been declared abandoned as the ‘one-fourth or-less remaining matches’ criteria has not been met: National Youth League; Women Under 19; Girls Under-15 and Futsal Under-16.

The FA Trophy, National Amateur Cup, National Amateur Super Cup, and all other Knock-Out competitions have been declared abandoned. 

The three divisions of the National League for Season 2021/22 will be discussed in forthcoming meetings of the Executive Committee and the Council. 

Decisions of Member Associations regarding their respective competitions are to be communicated to the Malta FA in the course of the next days.