Digital innovation in football discussed with Minister Silvio Schembri

The use of digital innovation technology in football and collaboration in esports projects were discussed by the Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri and officials from the Malta Football Association led by President Bjorn Vassallo.

Minister Schembri referred to the strategy announced by the MFA for Maltese football up until the year 2024, where one of its objectives is to strengthen the service to the football community through digitalisation and innovation.

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The Minister illustrated how digital innovation technology will become the foundation behind the scientific analysis of the game of football. On this matter he offered the support of the Ministry of Economy, so that the Association could commence the study and exploration of existing possibilities for the introduction of such digital technologies.

He also commended the commitment by MFA to enhance children’s participation in this sport, also lauding MFA’s efforts to identify and nurture talent from an early age enabling positive prospects in both character formation and career development.

During this meeting at the MFA Headquarters, Hon. Schembri spoke highly about the way the Football Association in Malta commit in bolstering the respect and enthusiasm towards the Malta National Team and the performance and pride of our players when representing their country.

Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo welcomed the government’s vision to prepare our country’s future generations through technological transformation.

Highlighting that since 2017, the Malta Football Association has embarked on a digitalisation process that was also enhanced in recent times through projects related to artificial intelligence and other areas that focus on amassing data analytics, a mechanism that in the present time has become truly valuable in providing us with the right tools for our football players to perform better at National Team level, and without neglecting to raise up what was already being analysed in regards to sports science.

President Vassallo reiterated, “We are committed that one day all this will also be translated at club level, as I firmly believe this is the only way we can perform better and our resolute to further excel and push forward to a more professional level.

Together with Minister Schembri, the MaltaFA President pledged his commitment in offering countless opportunities, similar to what has already been achieved in the E-Sports sector, the introduction of the BOV ePremier League which has evolved into a qualifying tournament and licensed as part of the EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series, attracting the interest of thousands of followers.

“The MFA strategic document comprises several important objectives which need to be reached by the Association in its bid to remain competitive in the digital era where technology has been identified as a vital source of interaction.”

“To this end, we are pleased to subscribe to this vision presented by the government in its full endeavour to prepare this country for the next generation through technological transformation”, concluded Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo.

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