Infrastructural works at Hibernians Stadium, MFA Training Grounds

Two important infrastructural projects are currently underway as the pitch of the Hibernians Stadium is being upgraded to a hybrid surface while the pitches at the MFA Training Grounds at Ta’ Qali are being renovated.

Works at the Hibernians Stadium started on Thursday. The surfaces of the main pitch and the training ground are being upgraded to a hybrid turf surface. The new surfaces, while having a positive environmental impact, will help step up the intensity of the game. This innovative hybrid grass system, which combines the best of natural grass and synthetic turf, also offers increased pitch stability, making it safer for the players.

Meanwhile last week, works at the MFA Training Grounds commenced as part of a series of infrastructural projects scheduled by the Malta FA.

Pitches are being renovated in order to be turned into pitches of the highest quality. The MFA Training Grounds, which were build over thirty years ago, host the national teams and foreign teams who visit Malta to conduct training camps.

In fact, the Association aims to provide a cutting-edge practice for the National Teams at a single location, whereby providing them with an inspirational environment to excel in sync with the Malta FA strategy.

Works underway include the removal of the existing pitch and the construction of a deep green colour pitch with new surface installed and maintained throughout the year. Other works include the modification of the existing floodlighting system apart from other ancillary works.

This project should be completed by the third week of August.