Appeal by Birkirkara FC against €10,000 fine not upheld

The Appeals Board of the Malta Football Association did not uphold the appeal filed by Birkirkara FC against the decision of the UEFA Member
Clubs Licensing Board to fine the club €10,000 despite being granted the licence to participate in the UEFA competitions this summer.

The fine was imposed after Birkirkara FC “manifestly failed to mention and confirm a significant change that had occurred in relation to the Club licensing criteria as it was obliged to do and required by Rule 47 (ii) (b) of the Regulations.”

An agreement between Birkirkara FC and the Commissioner for Revenue dated 24th March 2021 was withdrawn by the latter and the club was informed about this on Monday 5th April and encouraged to contact the CfR for further discussions.

A representative of Birkirkara F.C. contacted the office of the Commissioner for Revenue and following a meeting between the two parties, “On the 14th April, 2021 the Club requested and obtained a ‘Compliance Status Certificate’, which was subsequently forwarded to the Malta Football Association, which showed that the Club have a pending tax liability of EUR 353,013.82”.

The Appeals Board said that that “the Member Clubs Licensing was correct in considering this manifest omission by Birkirkara F.C. to be grave and very serious and was fully justified (that in accordance to Rule 10 (iii) (b) of the Regulations and with the application of Rule 3 (a) (i) (c) of the M.F.A. Disciplinary Procedures and Sanctions (Section IX)), in imposing a fine of Ten Thousand Euros (EUR 10,000).”