Mixed fortunes in Maltese football

As the famous cliche coined by arguably the greatest footballer of all time, the Brazilian Pele goes, football is indeed ‘the world’s most beautiful game’. Although almost everyone would agree that soccer is a ‘beautiful game’; there is also the bad side to it. Football is a sport that attracts news headlines for both good and bad reasons. Whilst most of the time football brings overwhelming joy to fans around the world, sometimes it is associated with allegations match-fixing and substance abuse or doping. These unfortunate incidents have the potential of bring the good game of football into disrepute. Maltese football has not been engulfed in football controversy generally; save for a few isolated incidents of match-fixing allegations involving unnamed Maltese players.

It goes without saying that Maltese football has experienced a period of unprecedented growth over the past few years due to a good football administration and massive financial investment into the local professional leagues. This has helped the nation of Malta to contribute to global efforts of improving the international game of football. However, in terms of results, there has been very little to write home about.

On the football field, Malta has continued to be one of Europe’s perennial underachievers as they have time and again, failed to qualify for football’s grandest stage, the FIFA World Cup. Despite, these disappointing results on the field of play, the loyal Maltese fans have continued to throng the stadiums to  watch their favourite team rubbing shoulders with football greats in Europe. Half time leisure activities such as casino games are available on best high roller casino bonuses review portal; where fans to play games while waiting for the second half soccer action to start.    

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