Maltese football on the rise?

There have been recently calls for greater participation of teams in international soccer tournaments such as the World Cup and European Championships in order to entertain football fanatics who are scattered all over the rise. More global soccer icons and legends are adding their voice to the sonorous chorus of the need to increase the number of teams that participate in the FIFA World Cup and European Championships. The argument being advanced by proponents of this move is that greater participation of teams at football’s greatest international soccer showcase will definitely improve the standard of football of smaller nations such as Malta.

Football fanatics can, apart from soccer, also try out some brand new casino breaks during match build-ups which can be viewed on best SA online casinos website. Such casino games can help fans relax before and during halftime breaks. On a different note, there is also another proposal under consideration right now, which is to have the FIFA World Cup held every two years in order to quench the appetite of the world’s most beautiful game. However, these plans are still in their infancy.

Malta may not necessarily be a global football powerhouse such as Brazil, Italy just to mention but a few; Malta has been improving its local football league over the years. There are arguably many reasons that could explain the meteoric rise of Maltese local football, but the most prominent explanation one would get is the massive financial investment in football over the past few year. Maltese clubs who qualify for European club competitions also rake in lots of money from participation fees. These European football nights attract a large audience globally and Maltese soccer enthusiasts go to stadiums to watch their local football heroes battling out with other football maestros in European elite club football competitions. Even those that do not fancy going to the stadiums due to the current pandemic can still watch their favourite teams on live streaming and also enjoy playing their favourite casino games on casino online during halftime and commercial breaks or pre-match analysis.

Local television stations in Malta also screen live football for their local audiences; so people are really spoilt for choice in Malta.       

Photo: Copyright domenic aquilina/Malta FA