Employees handbook approved by Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Malta FA has approved unanimously the implementation of an Employees Handbook.  This is the first ever staff handbook presented to the associates within the Malta FA.

The aim of such handbook is to preserve the good internal relationships between the Malta FA as an employer and the staff as employees by providing them with information about the general conditions of their employment.  It sets out the Malta FA’s policies, procedures and rules, as well as what one can and cannot do in certain situations. 

The Malta FA is a dynamic and unique working place and this is reflected in its human resources policies, procedures and systems.  This employee handbook facilitates the understanding of the work ethic and different functions of each of the Malta FA’s employees.  It outlines what is expected of each employee and what one can expect of the Malta FA as an employer.  It gives clear guidance on the employees’ rights and responsibilities.    

The Malta FA is a microcosm of every culture, gender, race and faith.  It is proud of each employee’s heritage and is committed to education, research, community service and keeping fit both physically and mentally.  The Malta FA employees are a community of people who work towards one common goal.  It is thus imperative that each employee takes advantage of the opportunities available to them through the love of football.

This Employees Handbook can be amended at any time. Policies will be constantly reviewed and updated to ensure they are legally up-to-date and fit for purpose.