MFA President urges clubs to continue supporting reforms

MFA President Bjorn Vassallo urged clubs to continue supporting the reforms to ensure a better future for the game while addressing the General Assembly of the Malta Football Association which was held at the Centenary Hall on Thursday.

The MFA president said that this general assembly is the result of one of the reforms brought about by the new statute which was approved in July. He said that these reforms brought a number of changes and said that it was of utmost importance for all to embrace change.

Vassallo said that he was sure that all those who voted in favour of these changes, did so because they believed in the potential that if developed could lead to reaching the objectives targeted in the strategy of the association.

The MFA president said the current administration is has the responsibility to safeguard the game and put it in a better situation for those who would follow in the coming years.

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina / Malta FA

Vassallo added that although this was not easy, one had to face the challenges, on and off the field of play, in order to gain the respect of everyone. In this way, the sports movement in the Maltese islands would continue to grow. He said that at times, one could find it difficult to convince people while explaining all the positive aspects in football – the thousands of volunteers and administrators who sustain the game not just to achieve results but for the work done for the good of the community. Vassallo said that thanks to this, the association managed to obtain funds for the upgrading of pitches, apart from other projects.

Bjorn Vassallo said the MFA strategy was meant to make up for the deficiencies of our game and therefore it of utmost important to avoid focusing on the individual interests and forget about the element of competition off the pitch by working together for common interests. In this way, more investment could be obtained and more initiatives could be taken for projects to support the football eco-system which would eventually lead to the technical development of the Maltese game.

The MFA President added that work will now continue to follow a time-line with the licensing reform and the anti-money laundering regulations so that by the end of February, there would have a complete package which would be presented to the General Assembly in March. The governance reform would then be completed with the corporate restructuring reform and the changes envisaged in the licensing of nurseries. This would continue to help the Maltese game to evolve while safeguarding all those who gave their time and money for the game.

By the end of 2023, the majority of planned reforms would be completed to give the game a sound future. A future which will be in sync with FIFA, UEFA, the European Union and a European sports model based on values and the interest of the people while recognising the commitment towards the principles of solidarity, sustainability, inclusivity and sporting merit.