5 Reasons Why Malta Is the Best Place to Be a Footballer

Malta has been a member of the European Union since May 1, 2004. It is also part of what’s known as ‘the white countries’ because of its history with colonialism and religion (Malta was first colonized by the Arabs in 533 AD, followed by the Normans in 1117). The island is an archipelago to the southeast of Sicily, Italy.

Why You Should Consider Kicking Off Your Football Career in Malta ?

The Maltese professional football league is the highest level in Malta. As a member of Uefa, it qualifies its teams to compete in Europe each year. The top two teams in the division qualify for the Champions League while third place competes for the Europa League alongside your favorite teams in Europe. Below are five reasons why you should consider Malta as a destination for you as a young player kick-starting your football career.

Reasons to Play Football in Malta

The Weather 

Malta has a Mediterranean climate, which means that you can enjoy mild winters and summers all year round. So, you can enjoy football pretty much all the time! In winter, Malta is a very mild place, with a mean temperature of around a pleasant but not freezing temperature of about 16 °C in winter. In the summer, Malta can be quite hot, with highs of about pleasant and not too hot of about 23 °C.

The Fans 

The fans are the ones who really make the game of football in Malta. Because the fans are everywhere, they are constantly on the lookout for their teams. Also, Football is the most popular sport in Malta, and it’s not hard to see why. The Maltese are passionate about their football, and there are always great atmospheres at matches. The supporters are a key part of the atmosphere, and it’s always great to see them in full voice.

The Stadiums 

League matches are played at football grounds that are smaller than average, but some still have a big atmosphere.

Football Development 

The Maltese League has not yet been considered a major football force in Europe, but for now, it could be a great place to start a football career. The Malta Football Association and the government have signed a memorandum of understanding that the government will invest 6 million euros in the replacement of artificial turf pitches in eight years. Also, their FA is doing a lot to attract foreign investment and you can take advantage of that.

Tax Residency Programs 

Like any other country people who normally live in Malta are taxed only on income earned in Malta and foreign income remitted to Malta. As a former Finance Minister said a few years ago said, “We want to ensure conformity and incentivize professional footballers, and we are hoping that with the help of the MFA, football clubs will confirm and exit the black economy.”


Malta can be the perfect destination for you to start your football career. You will also have the opportunity to compete in two of Europe’s largest club tournaments, the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, alongside teams such as Real Madrid and Manchester United. Moreover, as government interest and investment growth, we can expect much development in the Maltese League. For more information about football or other extreme sports news check out this article about extreme sports.