Malta FA confirms Pembroke Athleta will play in National Amateur League – Santa Lucia take vacant spot in Premier League, Vittoriosa in Challenge League

Following the deadline of the 1st July 2022 for clubs to apply for their respective license for Season 2022/23, the Malta FA confirms that by the said deadline one club, namely Pembroke Athleta SC, applied for a license that is lower than the status that such club was sportingly entitled to.

In fact, Pembroke Athleta SC applied for a license in the ‘Amateur’ category, which entitles the club to compete in the National Amateur League. This notwithstanding that the club was sportingly entitled to compete in the Premier League with a license in the ‘Professional’ category.

As a result, for Season 2022/23, vacant spots have been created in the Premier League and in the Challenge League.

In line with the applicable regulations governing such situations, as confirmed by the decision taken by the Executive Board in its meeting on the 15th of June 2022, these two vacant spots will be filled by Santa Luċia FC in the Premier League and Vittoriosa Stars FC in the Challenge League.

The licensing process will be proceeding according to the established timelines as the Member Clubs Licensing Board now assesses all applications against the requisites laid down for the respective licenses.