Which mirrors 1xBet should not be used

You need to look for a 1xBet mirror with extreme caution and care, because quite often various scammers hide behind the alternative address of the popular 1xBet brand. However, there are several signs by which you can determine whether it is worth using the found mirror:

  • when connecting to the resource, there is no secure connection via the HTTPS protocol. It uses http:/ instead, no green padlock;
  • the mirror site is paid for a short period of time (up to 1 year);
  • a resource located in another country;
  • there are many different errors on the site (spelling, stylistic, syntactic);
  • it is impossible to replenish the account through a bank – you receive a refusal to carry out the operation;
  • the same address is displayed for all pages;
  • inconsistencies in the dates of the news, their fullness, differences in the name of the site and its address.

If you find one or more of the above signs, we categorically do not recommend that you use the found BC mirror – it may belong to scammers.

Other ways to get access

If for some reason you cannot use an alternative login to enter the site, there are other ways to gain access to 1xBet:

  • In addition to the current mirror, you can use various software to bypass blocking to enter: from special extensions for browsers to sites to bypass blocks like Tor. True, when using various anonymizers and VPN services, be prepared for the fact that not everything will go smoothly, since the attitude of the Russian government towards this kind of software is not the best. Up to the point that not only software for bypassing blocking is prohibited in Russia, but also its advertising.
  • Download and install mobile applications for Android or iPhone developed by this bookmaker. Unlike block bypass software, this method is absolutely legal, so you can use it without hesitation. Make sure to use the developments of a legal bookmaker. To do this, it is best to download applications from the official website.
  • Sometimes, to bypass blocking, users set special settings for their browsers. This can be quite effective when traveling abroad, however, if the site is unavailable due to maintenance, no settings will help you.

In case of problems with access to the full or mobile version of the official www.1xbet.com registration website, we advise you to use the office’s mobile applications as the safest method.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I use a working mirror on a mobile phone? Yes, you can. However, it will be much more convenient to use a mobile application.

How to withdraw money from a mirror site? Exactly the same way as from a regular site. All your card details are stored in your 1xBet account. You only need to choose the method you want to withdraw funds. Why do alt links keep changing? The fact is that unknown sites are blocked by providers. Therefore, the 1xBet bookmaker has to constantly create new addresses.