Executive Board meets to discuss outcome of Senglea Athletic appeal

The Executive Board took note of the full decision as pronounced by the Appeals Board, in particular the fact that the Appeals Board found no ‘blatant breach’ of the regulations in the way the Executive Board had arrived at its decision of the 15th June 2022 on how the vacancy created in the Challenge League was to be filled. Notwithstanding, the Executive Board followed the direction of the Appeals Board by taking into consideration the applicability of Article 5(ii)(b) of the Rules Governing Competitions.

Following an open discussion the Executive Board voted on a resolution on the applicability of the said article, which resulted in 12 votes in favour and 2 abstentions. The resolution stated that the article in question is applicable only in cases where there is more than one vacancy.

This was the first time that this procedure was being availed of by a Member Club. The possibility of an appeal from a decision of the Executive Board has become possible following the reform of the Statute approved last year. According to the Statute, such appeal can be filed by Members having a direct and substantial interest in a decision taken by the Executive Board and who deem that such decision was taken in blatant breach of the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Association.