Play slots in mostbet uz

Mostbet offers slots with different mechanics. For beginners, it is better to start with the classic models, which have clear mechanics.

What types of slots are presented in Mostbet

The range of Mostbet UZ is regularly updated. The operator removes old games and adds new ones. However, models with five reels and classic bonus mechanics are still in the greatest demand.

The traditional machines can be divided into several categories:

  • Games without bonuses. These are fruity video slots in which the user simply bets and starts spinning the reels. Maximum winnings are awarded for identical pictures that fill the entire field.
  • Freespin model. The classic prize mechanics include paying spins. The user can easily get up to 100 spins and thus not spend their money.
  • Slot machines with a storyline. The advantage of such games is that the provider adds new bonus levels. This is why the user increases their chances of winning by several times.
  • Each slot machine is allowed to try it out in a free demo. Mostbet keeps this feature in their branded app as well. It’s much easier to explore the range in the app, as the emulators are launched practically in one click.

Not to forget that the operator adds jackpot slots. These are emulators with large prize amounts and extended bonus options.

What you need to know about the main features of slots

All slot machines have the same layout and buttons. In other words, no matter which slot you play, these buttons will perform 1 and the same functions:

  • Autostart and Autostop. When you press this button, the reels of a game with 3 or 5 reels automatically start spinning the specified number of times. The button also ends the auto spin mode.
  • Lines. This button activates additional lines for betting. This function can also be used to reset the number of betting lines.
  • Line betting. Pressing this button will add 1 coin per pay line to your bet.
  • Maximum Bet. Pressing this button will automatically select the maximum bet per pay line and select all paylines. Click this button to increase or decrease your spin bet.
  • Spin and Stop. Tapping this button starts and stops the spinning of the reels and displays the result of the game. Pressing this button more than once is not necessary, as it does not increase your chances of winning.
  • Gambling. This feature can be found in some slot machines. The Gamble feature requires players to place an extra bet to increase their winnings from the previous spin.

Collecting your winnings is the key button. Press this button if your bet wins. The profit is then added to your bank account.