Socktober aims to bring together children from around the world

Missio Malta together with the Malta Football Association (Malta FA) and Inhobb il-Futbol Foundation launched Socktober on Monday.

This initiative between Missio Malta and the Malta FA is primarily targeted to encourage young ones in understanding the reality of the world around us, moreover, through the powerful game of football, empathize with those in situations of great need.

During a press conference held at the Centenary Stadium, Missio Head – Communications & Fundraising Robert Farrugia invited Malta’s football nurseries to participate in this new initiative.

“Through Socktober we want to reach out to children attending our football nurseries and communicate with them through a medium they are familiar with.

“We want to tell them stories of children like them, in other countries, and how they create footballs using a variety of materials. We want this to be a fun project, which brings us closer together while raising awareness about Missio Malta’s work abroad,” Robert Farrugia explained.

Malta FA Director of Media Pamela Schembri underlined how the Association is always on the forefront and constantly driving forward in embracing raising awareness campaigns, adding, “Maltese children must be brought aware of difficulties other kids living in certain countries are daily enduring.

“Poverty is at times taken lightly, and this campaign introduced by Missio, will hopefully instill the much-needed awareness that in remote and countries afar this situation is a reality, therefore we must foster our kids in being fully aware of what’s going on around and the importance of showing empathy and care towards others”.

Schembri added, Football Social Responsibility Department and the ‘Inħobb il-Football Foundation” are both representing the Malta FA in engaging nurseries with work in the community and their meaningful participation in awareness campaigns, on par level to this Socktober Launch.

Photos courtesy of Mark Zammit Cordina

Socktober is open to all children attending football nurseries in Malta and Gozo and will run through the months of October and November.

The event on Monday also served to introduce ambassadors engaging in this Missio initiative, these are well-known football personalities of both genders, Michael Mifsud, Andrei Agius, Beppe Antignolo, Jose Borg, Gabriella Zahra, and Charlene Zammit.

Meanwhile, participating football nurseries shall hold specially organized workshops whereby children will be invited to build their own sock-ball created from various recycled materials, such as paper, cloth, cardboard, etc.