Malta FA, Inħobb il-Futbol Foundation issue statement following incident at Under-14 game

The Malta Football Association and the Inhobb il-Futbol Foundation (IFF) make reference to the incident during yesterday’s Under-14 Development League match, organised by the IFF.

The Association and the IFF strongly and unequivocally deplore this kind of behaviour. It is a pity that all the good work and positive deeds associated with the game football, especially the bold efforts of so many persons working among youths on a voluntary basis, is tarnished by these sad episodes.

Once all the facts related to yesterday’s incident have been established, the Association and IFF will be taking all the disciplinary steps at sporting level. Apart from this, it is to be noted that the incident in question took place outside the match venue and we have full trust in the work of the Executive Police who are responsible for this matter. To our knowledge, the Police are carrying out the necessary investigations.

The Malta FA and IFF appeal to all those involved in the game of football, especially the parents, to behave in a responsible manner and strive to set an example rather than undermine the authority of the coaches and the match officials. This unacceptable behaviour also prevents their children from enjoying themselves to the full while playing football.

Football is an activity where children can have fun in a nice and safe environment – violence and insults have no place and will not be tolerated. The urge to win or the fear to lose only serves to create tension and loss of control because some parents are only concerned with the result of a match rather than the long-term development of their children.