Referees Department holds introductory VAR training programme

“In the years that I have been working with the Malta FA referees, I saw huge progress in competence and professionalism. This weekend’s work on VAR is the next step in bringing them up to the highest possible level on this aspect of officiating as well.”

These were the words of the IFAB Technical Director, David Elleray, who is also the UEFA Referee Development Panel Officer responsible for the Malta FA.

During this weekend, the Malta FA’s FIFA referees and assistant referees, together with officials who form part of UEFA’s Centre of Refereeing Excellence, are taking part in a VAR Introductory Training Programme. 

The objective behind such a program is to give officials an opportunity to study the VAR protocol and UEFA guidelines in depth, and to get experience on the field of play. In doing so they start the VAR certification process that enables them to officiate matches where VAR is employed and therefore enhance their opportunities to be considered for appointments in UEFA matches with VAR.

The Course content is based on the UEFA framework and guidelines. Mr Elleray explained that “for Maltese referees to be involved in UEFA Competitions, it is very important that they have a good understanding and competence in VAR, so this is a major step not just domestically but also internationally.”

Photos courtesy of Mark Zammit Cordina