General Assembly approves changes to composition of National League: 12 teams in Premier League as from 2024/25

The composition of the National League was one of the main items on the agenda of the first Malta FA General Assembly for this year, held on Thursday evening at the Centenary Hall.

The General Assembly approved a motion about the composition of the National League, rubberstamping the proposals resulting from a concerted effort by the Malta FA and its key stakeholders to increase the appeal and competitive element of the domestic football championships.

From season 2024/25, the number of teams competing in the Premier League, the country’s top football competition, will go down from 14 to 12 teams. Discussions will now take place at Competitions Committee level to determine the mode of promotions and relegations necessary to attain a National League composition with 12 teams in the top tier, 16 teams in the Challenge League and 25 in the Amateur League. These numbers had already been agreed between the respective divisions.


The audited financial statements for the year ending 31st December, 2022 have been approved by the General Assembly.

The financial report, presented by Malta FA Treasurer Ivan Mizzi, shows a total operating income of €9.43 million while the total expenditure was €11.09 million. The financial shortfall had been predicted as a result of the significant loss of income caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past three years and the elevated costs to implement and sustain the then mandatory health protocols among other things.

Adherence to the robust recovery plan introduced by the Association last year and the financial projections in 2022 required a number of interventions to keep spending under control with a view to achieving a more positive financial year in 2023. Furthermore, the Association has knowingly sought to absorb the financial hit caused by the pandemic while supporting its members and protecting the conditions of its personnel.

While the Association has been actively working to reduce its costs, these measures have not affected the progress of key initiatives and projects, especially in the technical sector. Following the commencement of works on the new National Football Centre at the Malta FA Training Grounds in 2022, this project is progressing at the projected pace.

The approval of the financial statements for the year 2022 follows the endorsement by the Association’s Executive Board of a balanced budget for 2023.


Mark Tanti has been approved as a member of the Malta FA Executive Board in representation of the Challenge League. Mr Tanti fills the seat vacated by Joe Gauci who resigned earlier this year.

Dr Ronald Cuschieri has been re-appointed Chairman of the Malta FA Appeals Board, replacing Chief Justice Emeritus Joe Azzopardi following the latter’s appointment as Commissioner for Standards in Public Life. Dr Cuschieri will resume the role of chairman for the remaining part of the mandate.

The General Assembly approved the re-appointment of Vincent Curmi & Associates as external auditors of the Malta FA.