Comprehensive training course equips match operations staff and venue teams with crucial skills

A series of training courses were recently conducted by the Football Operations Department within the Malta FA to enhance the skills and knowledge of staff serving in Match Operations or as part of the Venue Team. The course was designed to cover three essential topics: the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), safety and security at the stadium, and basic first aid. With experts from various fields leading the sessions, participants gained valuable insights and hands-on training to handle potential emergencies effectively. The culmination of the training was marked by the presentation of certificates of attendance to all participants on Friday, 2nd June.

Comprehensive Topics Covered
The training course focused on three primary topics deemed crucial for the staff involved in match operations and venue management. These topics were:

  1. Use of AEDs: The initial session of the training, was led by Mr. Martinelli, a representative from the AED suppliers. The participants learned about the proper usage and functionality of AEDs, which are essential devices used in cardiac emergencies. They were familiarized with the step-by-step procedure of operating an AED, enabling them to confidently respond to incidents involving cardiac arrest within the stadium.
  • 2. Safety and Security at the Stadium: The training course delved into the critical aspect of safety and security at the stadium. Superintendent Robert Vella and Inspector Sarah Zerafa from the local Police Force took charge of this session. Participants learnt about the various safety protocols, emergency response plans, and security measures required to ensure the well-being of spectators, players, and staff during match events. Superintendent Vella shared valuable insights and best practices based of his extensive experience in maintaining order and ensuring safety at large-scale events.
  • 3. Basic First Aid: The final segment was dedicated to basic first aid and was carried out by the Malta Red Cross. This session equipped participants with essential first aid skills necessary to address common injuries and medical emergencies. Participants learned how to administer immediate aid, handle bleeding, perform CPR, and manage other critical situations that may arise during match events. The comprehensive first aid training empowered the staff to act confidently and promptly in providing necessary assistance until professional medical help arrives.

The training course proved to be an invaluable experience. Through the guidance of experts in the field, the participants gained proficiency in handling emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of all involved in match events. The presentation of certificates of attendance acknowledged the dedication and commitment of the participants to enhance their expertise, contributing to safer and more secure match operations and venue management.