Volunteers to play crucial role in UEFA Under-19 Championship

Saturday morning saw Dr. Angelo Chetcuti, General Secretary of the Malta FA, engage in a productive session with individuals interested in volunteering for the highly anticipated UEFA Under-19 Championship. The championship is scheduled to take place in Malta from the 3rd to the 16th of July. Dr. Chetcuti expressed his gratitude to the volunteers who expressed their desire to be part of this prestigious sporting event, which is set to become a milestone in Maltese sports history.

During the session, Dr. Chetcuti provided an overview of the progress made thus far in organizing the championship and emphasized the vital role volunteers will play in ensuring its smooth execution. He acknowledged the significant contributions volunteers can make to such an event and highlighted the value of their involvement.

With the tournament being one of the most significant sporting occasions in Malta, volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute to the country’s sports community while gaining valuable experience and fostering a sense of pride in their nation. The volunteers’ dedication and commitment will be essential in providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for teams, officials, and spectators alike.

Dr. Chetcuti reiterated the importance of volunteers as ambassadors for Malta, as they will interact directly with participants and visitors from around the world. Their enthusiasm, hospitality, and professionalism will leave a lasting impression on all involved, reflecting positively on the nation as a whole.

The tasks assigned to volunteers will vary and encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including event logistics, hospitality services, spectator assistance, media support, and more. Dr. Chetcuti assured the potential volunteers that appropriate training and guidance would be provided to ensure they are well-prepared for their respective roles.

Furthermore, Dr. Chetcuti emphasized that volunteering for such a prestigious sporting event offers numerous personal benefits. It provides an opportunity for individuals to develop new skills, forge meaningful connections, and gain valuable insights into the world of international sports.

The session with Dr. Chetcuti served as a platform to inspire potential volunteers and emphasize the significant impact they can have on the success of the UEFA Under-19 Championship. By dedicating their time and energy to this event, volunteers will contribute to the growth and development of Maltese football and showcase the nation’s capability to organize and host major sporting events.

As the countdown to the championship continues, the Malta FA, remains committed to ensuring a seamless and unforgettable tournament experience. The collaboration between the organizing committee and the dedicated volunteers is expected to create an atmosphere of excitement and unity, fostering a sense of pride throughout the nation.