Is the Ronaldo vs Messi era coming to an end, now that both have moved to non-European grounds to play football?

For over a decade now, die-hard football fans have been getting into a debate regarding the best footballer of all time. Is it the Argentine forward – Lionel Messi – who has been constantly stunning audiences and fans with his staggering performance, unique skills, stamina, and ridiculously strong efficiency to the net?

Is it the Portuguese forward – Cristiano Ronaldo – who has amazed pretty much everyone with his exceptional competency on the field, his ability to turn everything upside down and lead towards success?

Well, the ‘Ronaldo vs Messi’ ongoing debate has been spurred by the one-of-a-kind performance each of the two star footballers has been giving every time they are in the game. And every time a match between those two is on, the whole football world is watching closely, with bookmakers from all over the world, including Poland betting sites, going crazy with offering various markets and bets to leverage the enormous fans’ interest.

Some people just love how Messi has been showing signs of absolute dominance in the field with his mastering ball control since his early career days. Some other people, on the other hand, can’t get enough of Ronaldo and his incredible speed, strength, commitment, and of course unparalleled leadership skills.

The truth is that the rivalry between two of the best football players of all time has been totally integrated into the world of the sport as it has been an absolutely must ‘talk’ between everyone who has even the slightest idea about football. But with both of them leaving their European clubs, what will be the future of the debate?

By the end of 2022, the big news had hit the world of football: Cristiano Ronaldo was getting into ongoing talks with Al Nassr – a Saudi Arabian professional football club, which was about to emerge as a key team in the football scene.

The rumors soon got into shape and by January 2023 the new signing came into effect. The former Manchester United forward was transferred to Riyadh to start playing in his new ‘home’. A new life, a new club, and a new future for Cristiano Ronaldo was about to commence.

A few months later, Lionel Messi made it to the top news for another transfer that would write history, just like Ronaldo did earlier that year. Inter Miami announced Messi and everybody realized that the days of the Argentine star in PSG were over. Inter Miami would now boast the fact that they have managed to get one of the biggest footballers of European football – the football that is considered to be the ultimate manifestation of the sport itself.

With the two of them moving out of the European continent, what will the ‘Ronaldo vs Messi’ debate be? Are we going to see more of their rival in the minds of football fans or is it gonna be that new footballers will rise and a new generation of ‘who vs who’ will prevail?

The truth is that it is still difficult to answer. Neither of the two has gone for a long time to say for sure that the intense and ongoing interest of fans over the star footballers’ performance is going to fade – especially as they don’t get to play as often as they did on European grounds. But even if they are not at the forefront, this does not mean that people will no longer consider them the absolute rivals.

On the other hand, with the two of them going outside European football, a new generation of football players is coming up and it might be able to give us some huge stars just like Ronaldo and Messi.

Under the shadow of these two giants, it was kind of difficult to tell whether another player could do as much as them, but this is far from reality. Lewandowski is a perfect example of a footballer that has been ascending silently but steadily and if it weren’t for Messi and Ronaldo, it would be him that we would talk about when thinking of exceptional, unique, and unprecedented talent.

What will happen, remains to be seen. Will it be that the ‘Ronaldo vs Messi’ thing is just moving to other continents or will it be that we are going to have a new hot rival soon to talk about?