Course for futsal referees

In the world of sports, referees play a crucial role in ensuring fair play and upholding the rules of the game. Futsal, a fast-paced and exciting indoor variant of soccer, is no exception. To maintain the integrity of this sport, it’s essential to have well-trained and knowledgeable referees. The Malta FA  recognizes this need and offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring futsal referees to kickstart their careers.

The Course Overview

The MFA’s Futsal Referee Course is designed with a clear mission: to provide a platform for individuals aged 16 to 40, whether they are active referees or completely new to the role. The course aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to officiate futsal matches competently. It is a comprehensive program that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of refereeing, with a particular focus on the Laws of the Game.

A blend of theoretical and practical sessions ensures that participants not only grasp the rules but also learn how to apply them effectively during a match. This hands-on approach is invaluable for developing referees.

The course is conducted at the Malta FA Technical Centre in Ta’ Qali, providing participants with a professional and conducive learning environment.

For young individuals aspiring to build a career in futsal refereeing, this course serves as a stepping stone. It lays the foundation for a rewarding journey in the world of sports officiating.

If you are passionate about futsal and dream of becoming a proficient referee, this introductory course is the ideal starting point. Applying for the course is straightforward. Interested individuals can apply HERE