South End Core asks Marcolini to shoulder responsibility

Aftet the 4-0 loss to Italy on Saturday, the South End Core issued a statement in which they asked Marcolini to shoulder responsibility for the fact that “the team has been showing no ideas on the pitch for the past months.”

The South End Core added that “what was built under Devis Mangia is being torn down.”

The statement says “During the past months we have supported the association and new technical staff since Michele Marcolini was named Head Coach of the national team.”

“Tonight we did not expect a win because we know our limitations BUT the team has been showing no ideas on the pitch for the past months and yet these same players used to get applauded by everyone and the general public always spoke positively about the performances. What changed? We demand answers.”

“Therefore we are asking Mr. Marcolini to shoulder responsability. Our level of football has dropped drastically since his appointment and what was built under Devis Mangia, it is being torn down.”

“Next year is a vital year. The only target for the association, the manager, the players and the supporters is PROMOTION to League C!”

“Fix the problem NOW.”