Tough start for Luxol in UEFA Futsal Champions League

Luxol St Andrew’s started their commitments in the Main Round of the UEFA Futsal Champions League with a 6-0 defeat against Barcelona at the Sports Hall Lagator in Loznica, Serbia.

The Blaugrana were focused from the start, as Adolfo opened the score on 9 minutes and just four minutes later, Dyego doubled the advantage. 

Jesús Velasco’s team were dominating during the first half and Catela made it 3-0 on 16 minutes. Just before the break, Álex scored twice to make it 5-0 at half time and put Barça into cruise control. 

In the second half the intensity dropped and Catela added a sixth and final goal on 31 minutes. 

Barça: Dídac, Dyego, Adolfo, Erick, Álex. Subs: André Coelho, Antonio Pérez, Pito, Catela, Sergio González, Harrison, Touré.

Luxol St. Andrews: João Silva, Vevé, Maikinho, Castro, Raducu. Subs: Oliveira Dias, Zammit, Mangion, Telisi, Andre, Dos Santos Barbosa, Jefferson Alves. 

Goals: 1-0, Adolfo (min 9). 2-0, Pito (min 13). 3-0, Catela (min 16). 4-0, Álex (min 18). 5-0, Álex (min 19).  6-0, Catela (min 31).