International football: The six best players at the start of the season

These footballers have not only excelled statistically but also demonstrated leadership qualities and influence on the team’s performance. You can place bets on club or individual player statistics from our rating through the bukmeker kontorunun.

6. Lautaro Martinez

After reaching the Champions League final, Inter hasn’t slowed down, having only dropped points twice in Serie A and leading the table. They also feel comfortable in the European group with Benfica, Real Sociedad, and Salzburg.

Leading Inter is their captain and forward, Lautaro Martinez, with 13+2 in 14 matches, including a poker after coming on as a substitute in the second half against Salernitana. While his recent goal-scoring may have dipped, he still works successfully for the team, especially in his partnership with newcomer Marcus Thuram, where the Frenchman benefits from the Argentine’s support in creating space. So when Lautaro doesn’t score himself, he helps others do it. In short, a true display of leadership qualities.

5. Julian Alvarez

In the absence of Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City, a new hero emerged, the 23-year-old Argentine Alvarez, who impressed with his versatility and adaptability to the coach’s demands. Julian not only filled the position previously occupied by Kevin but also began to demonstrate top-class productivity (7+5 in 17 matches) and set pieces. While he may not match Holland in terms of goals, he is the undisputed leader of the City in terms of influence on the game. He excels in pressing, creating moments, dribbling attempts, and efficiency.

4. James Maddison

Probably a very unexpected choice for the top 6. An unpopular opinion, but Tottenham’s sensational presence at the top of the table is primarily thanks to newcomer Maddison (among the players).

Not Son, who is the top scorer, not the defenders who look reliable, not the central midfield duo with Sarr and Bissouma. It’s James who accelerates almost all attacks and controls the tempo.

A bit of Englishman’s statistics:

  • the first to create 30+ moments in the Premier League season;
  • the only one in the Premier League with 10+ shots on target, 10+ moments, 10+ interceptions, and 10+ successful dribble attempts simultaneously;
  • premier League leader in progressive passes, passes into the penalty area, and key passes. His pure attacking numbers are also solid – 3+5 in 11 league matches.

Did anyone notice the absence of Kane?

3. Erling Haaland

 Yes, only third. Perhaps the difference between «expectations» and «reality» plays a role, considering his incredible previous season. The start of the new campaign hasn’t been as stable for Haaland; he alternates top stretches with average ones. However, he still maintains his status as one of the most effective strikers in the world. It’s hard to argue with 13+3 in 16 games, especially when 13 (11+2) of those contributions came in 11 league matches against tough opposition.

On the other hand, doubts about his status as the best player arise from Norway’s national team’s failure to qualify for Euro 2024. The team lost their chances for direct qualification, and Haaland disappeared on the field in the crucial match against Spain.

2. Harry Kane

If Kane’s absence from Tottenham doesn’t seem so noticeable at the moment, his arrival at Bayern Munich is quite the opposite. After selling Lewandowski, the Bavarians finally got a proficient forward who can convert the created chances. Harry’s statistics would be impressive if it weren’t routine in the Premier League – 15 goals in 10 Bundesliga matches. All this with xG 8.82 and 21 shots on target.

Harry also plays well for his teammates as usual – he ranks 3rd in the league for progressive passes, 3rd for smart passes, 5th for key passes, and 1st (not individually) for assists (5). In the Champions League, he has 2+2 in three matches. If previously Kane’s lack of trophies hindered his pursuit of serious individual awards, Bayern Munich could rectify this injustice. His personal performance level remains high.

1. Jude Bellingham

Do we even need comments here? The 20-year-old Bellingham keeps breaking records: scoring (13 goals in 14 games), assisting (3), and taking initiative in the final third. But most importantly, he pulls off difficult matches for Real:

  • a brace against Barcelona and a comeback from 0-1 (winning goal in stoppage time);
  • 1+1 against Girona in a match for the top spot in the table;
  • 1+1 against Napoli (3:2);
  • the winning goal against Union in the 90th minute;
  • the winning goal against Getafe in the 90th minute;
  • the winning goal against Celta in the 81st minute.

Vinicius, on the other hand, is gradually fading into the background. The shadow of Jude?