Dr Peter Fenech submits nomination for post of Malta FA vice-president

Dr Peter Fenech has officially submitted his candidacy this morning for the role of Vice President of the Malta Football Association (MFA).

Dr Fenech is a familiar face in Maltese football. He previously served as MFA Vice President between 2007 and 2010, actively involved in various club development projects. He was elected as Lija Athletic Football Club President in 2018 and currently sits on the MFA Executive Board.

In June 2023, Dr Fenech was reconfirmed as president of the Challenge League Standing Committee. His background in civil and commercial law, particularly in administration, restructuring and financial matters, translates directly to the challenges faced by Maltese clubs today.

In a commitment to his campaign message of “Strengthening Clubs to face the challenges of the future,” in the coming days and weeks, Dr Fenech will be meeting with club members, delegates and stakeholders for an open dialogue about their priorities to continue bringing much-needed changes to Maltese Football.

So far, current vice-presidents Dr Matthew Paris and Adrian Casha along with Dana Farrugia and Pierre Miceli had announced that they would be running for the post of vice-president.

On the other hand, Ridha Dardouri will be running for the post of President along with the incumbent Bjorn Vassallo.