Malta’s Position in the Global Online Casino Industry: Trends and Future Outlook

Despite its small size, few countries have had quite the same impact on the global online casino industry as Malta. The Mediterranean island is home to a population of under half a million people, but it’s also a central hub for casino and gaming platform operators. Some of the world’s biggest and most influential online gambling companies are based in Malta, drawn by its talent and excellent regulatory framework.

Malta’s reputation as a world leader in online gambling began in the early 2000s. The government recognised the potential of the growing industry and established clear regulations, creating the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to uphold them and licence online casinos in Malta. Since then, the MGA licence has become a mark of trust that players look for. Players who want to choose safe and trusted online casinos use for a full list of options. 

Why Malta Attracts the Online Casino Industry

When the government of Malta created the Malta Gaming Authority, the intention was to allow Malta online casinos and gambling companies to flourish on the island. Today, the gambling industry is a major contributor to the island’s GDP and responsible for employing a significant number of the country’s residents. The latest data shows that around 10% of the world’s online gambling companies are registered in Malta, but what exactly attracts them?

Regulatory Framework

The creation of the Malta Gaming Authority and regulations around online gambling was key to turning the island into a hub for the industry. The MGA helped to set out clear guidelines on how online casinos in Malta should operate. This involved balancing the need for player protection with the ability to innovate and utilise the latest technology. 

The MGA is responsible for licensing casino operators that want to accept players from across Europe. To apply for a licence, companies must prove they have adequate protections in place and that they’re committed to fair and responsible gambling. The regulator framework created by Malta has inspired similar regulations all over the world. 

Tax Incentives

Aside from protecting players with regulations, the government of Malta encouraged gambling operators to come to the island using tax incentives. Encouraging the growth of the industry was a primary reason behind this, and it was successful in attracting some of the biggest companies in the business. 

Malta has a large number of double taxation treaties with jurisdictions around the world, meaning that companies headquartered on the island can claim tax relief. In addition, low corporate tax and VAT relief help to encourage business growth, reducing the financial burden on gambling operators. 

Global Talent Pool

As part of the European Union, Malta is able to attract talent from all over Europe and other parts of the world too. Its ideal location and excellent climate make it highly suited as a place to live and work, helping to attract the best talents. The weather is just one of the reasons why the island is also such a great place to be a footballer, which you can learn more about at While it may only have a small population, that doesn’t limit companies that operate in Malta.

Malta online casinos and gambling companies have a large talent pool to draw from, as the island is home to numerous skilled professionals who have experience within the gambling industry. Aside from that, it’s an attractive proposition for relocation, especially for workers living in Northern European countries. 

Gambling Trends at the Best Online Casinos in Malta

Malta has established itself as the home of the global online gambling industry, and with the speed of growth and technological development, there have been many changes in a short period of time. The industry is highly competitive and operators are always adapting and innovating, making use of the latest technology to stay ahead of current trends. Here are some of the most interesting online casino trends affecting Malta online casinos in the present and the future. 

Social Gambling

Online casinos are a lot of fun for most players, but they miss the social aspect that’s found at traditional land-based casinos. In recent years, many online casinos in Malta have been focusing their efforts at increasing the level of social interaction. Starting with live chat rooms and live dealer games, casinos of the future could introduce more social elements, such as collaborations with live streamers and influencers. This is evident from Evolution Gaming’s latest acquisition of Livespins, which puts social engagement at the forefront of its business operations. Read more about it at

Cryptocurrency Betting

A growing number of online casinos now accept cryptocurrencies as a form of deposit. When using the best online casino Malta, players expect to be able to make fast and simple payments, fund their accounts and collect winnings without issues. Cryptocurrencies make the payment process simpler, offering fast and highly secure transactions. However, there are still regulatory concerns about how crypto payments can be implemented, and this is one that the MGA needs to work out.