Football Betting Laws: A Look at Malta and Curacao Regulations

Today there are a plethora of football betting websites. The well-known bookmakers are mostly covered by international licensing bodies. Two such well-known authorities are Malta Gaming and Curacao Gaming authorities. These bodies have distinct rules and regulations in place. That helps govern the betting regimes and sports categories. All bookmakers who apply for a licence under them need to adhere to certain guidelines.

Overview of Football Betting Laws in Curacao

Football betting laws in Curacao sportsbooks and Malta are similar. These are as follows:

  • Moneyline betting is popular on Curacao sites. Customers can choose to bet on straightforward predictions of scores.
  • Points spread type of bets can be found in Curacao sites as well. These bet types allow customers to hedge their bets within a range of scores.
  • Over and under betting is popular as well as other features of the Curacao gambling industry. Curacao licensed sports betting sites offer customers futures betting and other unique bets such as prop betting.
  • A popular form of betting in Curacao bookmaking sites is parlay bets. It is also known as accumulator bets. That is, a combination of several bets combine to form a single wager. Gamblers need to win each bet of a parlay bet to make a win overall.

Overview of Football Betting Laws in Malta

When it comes to Malta, operators have several choices. That is, they can decide the games or sports they wish to offer in their domain. Accordingly, they can then apply for a licence. Malta has made it convenient for intern0119ational operators to run their websites for different countries.

Those who wish to set up a licensed business in the sports betting sector under MGA get several advantages. At the same time, they get adequate guidelines and support from related authorities.

Those who wish to set up a sports betting site will have to apply under certain categories. Also, they need to specify the types of betting markets they will offer. The laws that Malta enforces for football betting are as follows:

  • Customers can opt for point spreads or handicap betting; that is one can choose a certain number of goals or averages within which a favoured team can win. Accordingly, customers get wins and payouts.
  • Moneyline betting is another option. These are straightforward bets. Players can choose or predict which team will win a match. Usually favoured teams are shown with a minus sign; the underdog is shown with a positive sign.
  • Under or over-betting is also popular among football bets. Many MGA sites allow such bets. In the case of over-betting, gamblers choose to bet over a total score. In the case of under-betting, gamblers choose to bet under a certain score.

Besides the above, MGA-licensed bookmakers can offer other bet options. These could be prop betting where gamblers can bet on mini-events or outcomes within an ongoing match. For instance, they can choose who will make the first goal. Again, futures betting has come into football betting also. For instance, some websites offer the option of long-term outcomes. That is, gamblers can choose which team – Women or Youth, for example, will win a certain game in the upcoming future.

Comparison of Malta and Curacao Regulations

The main points of comparison between these two licensing authorities are as follows:

  • Curacao offers a more inexpensive package to business operators looking for B2B or B2B licences in the sports betting segment.
  • Curacao bookmakers are not as strict in KYC as MGA gambling sites. For instance, no-verification bookies listed on CasinoGap have a simplified version of KYC.
  • Malta licences are divided into four major segments. On the other hand, there are no demarcations when applying for a licence under the Curacao regime.
  • Licences under MGA are considered to hold higher standards than Curacao-licensed casinos.
  • MGA has stringent rules as compared to Curacao licensing norms.
  • Taxes in Curacao are low when compared to getting a licence in Malta.

Future Trends and Developments

The industry of online casinos and sports betting is expanding. Malta, UKGC, Curacao and Kahnawake are some reputed international licensing regimes. They have made it possible for many operators to have an international presence. Hence, many international websites hold either a Malta or Curacao licence. On the other hand, websites that have a British presence primarily hold UKGC licences. Hence, to have a licence for International gambling sites Malta, Curacao and Kahnawake are two names that businesses usually resort to.

Current and future trends for online casino licensing are as follows:

  • Well-organised online assistance is available for such business operators.
  • It is possible to apply for a licence online.
  • The licensing authorities offer financial support and technical assistance as well.
  • It is easy to renew licences, allowing the websites to have a steady online presence.
  • Technical, financial and legal support are more streamlined by the licensing authorities.

Hence, as the industry moves into a more mature stage, most channels of operation and support are established. That is, whether a business applies for a licence under Malta or Curacao they will find adequate support and helpful assistance for getting or renewing licences.


Malta or Curacao-licensed websites are reliable sports betting platforms as well. Hence, if you wish to place football bets on such platforms, you will find several options. These extend to types of bets as well as strategies. There are prompt channels of assistance as well. What’s more, customers find innovative bonuses on sports bets. All these aspects make football betting legal and profitable on these websites.