Mtarfa Futsal win first match from Enemed Women’s Futsal League finals

Mtarfa Futsal won the first match of the Enemed Women’s Futsal League finals when they beat Lija Athletic A 10-9 after the penalty shoot-out.

After the regular 50 minutes finished 4-4, the match went into extra-time but with the score 5-5, penalties had to determine the winner.

Irena Drugovic and Ruth Steer Cheetham scored two goals for Lija with Michela Felice adding another for her team. Mtarfa responded with a double from Demi Magrin and other goals from Shania Spiteri, Charlene Cassia and Janice Pace.

In the penalty shoot-out, Mtarfa scored through Charlene Cassia, Demi Magrin, Shania Spiteri, Yanika Debono and Janice Pace. Lija scored four penalties from Izabella Camilleri, Michela Felice, Irena Drugovic and Ruth Steer Cheetham with Jamine Vella Turner missing her penalty.

The two sides will meet next Thursday. If Mtarfa win the match they will be crowned as champions with Lija having to win at all costs in order to force a third final.