Joey Falzon confirmed St. George's coach

The committee of St. George’s FC have confirmed Joey Falzon as coach. This will be the third season for Falzon as St. George’s coach.

Meanwhile the new committee was elected following the club’s Annual General Meeting. Hon. Chris Agius MP was confirmed as president while Michael J. Cutajar and Saviour Pulo will be holding the posts of secretary and treasurer respectively.

The Vice President is George Schembri. The other members of the committee are assistant secretary Demis Scerri, assistant treasurer Constance Calleja and Ivan Camilleri, Jason Mifsud, Etienne Falzon (kit manager), Maria Said, Tessie Camilleri, Christian Cassar (assistant kit manager) and Arthur Wait (Liason Officer with Players) as members.

Michael J. Cutajar will be the club’s council member while the MFA Delegate and assistant delegates are Chris Agius, George Schembri and Demis Scerri.