Protests Board confirms decision on protest by Balzan

The MFA Protests Board confirmed its decision to award Balzan Youths a 2-0 win over Msida St. Joseph following the BOV First Division game between the two teams which was played on December 18.

The Board had originally awarded Balzan the three points on January 5 after the registration of Msida St. Joseph player Valdo Goncalves Alhinho was considered to be invalid. However Msida had written to the association on the matter and the Council of the Malta Football Association referred the case back to the MFA Protests Board.

In its report, the Board said that it was considering the protest on the basis of Article 49 paragraph (xiii) Section III.

The Board also pointed out that Balzan Council Member Joe Agius was allowed to speak during the hearing of the case to provide evidence as he was the person who drew the attention of Mr Calamatta that Sliema had a prohibition. This was according to a rule which empowers a board to regulate its own procedure an hear not only evidence produced by parties but also other evidence which it may deem relevant.

The Msida delegate did not object to the fact that the chairman asked Mr Agius to give his evidence. The latter’s evidence confirmed what Mr Calamatta had stated and therefore could not influence the Board’s decision.

The Board also stated that no new rule was established when it decided to take the chronological order of facts into consideration and the members present for the hearing did not object to this. The official stamp does not show the time and the Board felt that this was the right way to reach a conclusion.

The Board therefore confirmed its decision to take the facts chronologically and deem the player’s registration as invalid as he could not be released by Sliema Wanderers since they had a prohibition.

Msida had prepared new documents as they had understood that the registration was not valid but failed to deposit these documents as they were told by the official in charge of registration that the position has now been regularised. However the Board stressed that it is the responsibility of clubs to make sure everything is according to procedure.