Gillette Beach Soccer Championship 2011 finals this weekend

The Gillette Beach Soccer Championship 2011 comes to an end this weekend with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals which will be played between Friday and Sunday.

In the men’s tournament, the four quarter-finals which will be played on Friday are:
New Team vs Hal Fornaro
Sunny Beach vs Godfather Hamrun
Benjamin Team vs Eurosport Beach Ballers
Beach Boys vs Samurai Team

The semi-finals will be played on Saturday starting at 20:00 while the final and final for third place will be played on Sunday at 21:00 and 17:00 respectively.

In the Ladies’ Tournament, Vecchia Signora will be facing Pink Pearls in the final due to be played on Sunday at 18:00.

Sunday’s event will also feature the Under-16 game between The Panthers and Red Devil at 16:00, a Goalkeepers’ Battle at 19:00, a Zumba Fitness Session by Maria and Pedro at 19:30 and an exhibition game for players with special needs at 20:00.

Photos: Copyright © Martin Agius / MBSA