Maltese officials in FIFA Women's World Cup mini-tournament

2015-Women-World-CupElite Referee Trustin Farrugia Cann and Elite Assistant Referee Albert Borg Cardona this week will officiate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Preliminary Round Group A mini-tournament to be played on home soil.

The teams taking part with hosts Malta will be Albania, Luxembourg and Latvia.

The referees will be Petra Chuda (Slovakia), Floarea Cristina Babadac-Ionescu (Roumania) and Yuliya Medvedeva (Kazakhstan). The assistant referees will be Maria Sukenikova (Lisicka) (Slovakia), Andra Hiticas (Romania) and Liliya Karimova (Kazakhstan).

Messrs Farrugia Cann (as 4th Official) and Borg Cardona will be involved in the matches Luxembourg vs Latvia, Albania vs Latvia and Luxembourg vs Albania.