Additional Assistant Referees Seminar

Additional-Assistant-Referee2013An Additional Assistant Referees’ Seminar for Match Officials and Referee Observers was held last week at the Referees’ Department Conference Hall. This was conducted by Dutch Instructor Ed Janssen, assisted by MFA Director of Refereeing Adrian Casha.

Besides the use of “an extra two pairs of eyes” in the FA Trophy Semi-Finals and Final, the MFA announced that it will be one of the first member associations within UEFA to introduce Additional Assistant Referees in the top division as from next season.

The theoretical part of the seminar covered the Initial Goals and Results Achieved since the introduction of AARs in UEFA matches, and the Preparation Required. The Role of the 4th Official was also dealt with.

Analysis of UEFA Match Situations showing the importance of efficient teamwork between all members of the refereeing team was also carried out, while guidelines how to mark performances by AARs was also given to referee observers.

The practical part consisted of a demonstration at the Centenary Stadium, followed by appointments with six match officials for various Youth matches at different venues played last week, for which Ed Janssen and Adrian Casha were present to observe and give advice before, during the halftime interval, and at the end of all matches.

Ed Janssen was impressed by the interest and enthusiasm shown by our match officials, and their performances in teams of six; he observed that they were very receptive to the positive aspects and experience in this continually-developing new practice in refereeing.

Photo (1): Copyright © domenic aquilina / MFA

Photo (2): Copyright © Joe Borg / MFA