MFPA urges justice for players over due salaries

MFPAThe Malta Football Players Association said that following the decisions by the Board of Control and Discipline of the Malta Football Association which reduced two points and one point to Floriana FC and Hamrun Spartans respectively over due payments to players, the decisions still showed a great lack of respect for the dignity of the players and the other players involved as well as serious offense to the intelligence of the Maltese football fans in general.

The fate of the two clubs was already sealed with Floriana retaining their Premier League status and Hamrun Spartans relegated. Therefore the deduction of points made no difference at all.

The MFPA said that these decisions were practically rewarding those who were guilty and punished the injured party. In fact players were still not paid and clubs continue to be given more time to make the due payments to players.

The players’ association is asking for how long clubs who fail to honour players’ contracts will be protected, when will players be given effective remedies, when will Omar Borg, Aman Verma and Jermain Brincat get paid and why clubs who were found guilty in December, got a deduction of points in May.

The MFPA stated that such practices should stop immediately and that the MFA can no longer accept such injustice with regards to players.

The players’ association once again urged changes in regulations and procedures so that disciplinary decisions are more effective. The MFPA said it was only asking for justice for these players and also with clubs who make big sacrifices to honour their players’ contracts.