Two new courses at the MFA Technical Centre

new-courses-at-mfa-tech-centre2013The MFA Technical Centre, through its Coach Education Scheme, this week started two concurrent courses for Director of Youth Coaching and Nursery Administrator. Both courses are being attended by a strong participation of forty – fifteen in the former and twenty-five in the latter.

The courses will be run for four weeks during May and June.

All the participants will be grouped together for a number of sessions with the more technical lectures will be held separate for the two groups according to their remits.

This is the second year that the MFA Technical Centre is running such courses with the aim of providing nurseries with more qualified Head Coaches and Administrators as stated in the new regulations for Nursery licences.

Besides guest instructors, a good number of MFA staff members will be delivering lectures on subjects of their expertise, both in the coaching and administrative areas.