Mitchell Scerri in UEFA Under-19 Championship final stages

20130725-181304.jpgFIFA Assistant Referee Mitchell Scerri is one of only four assistant referees retained for the semi-finals and final of the UEFA Under-19 Championship Final Tournament being played in Lithuania.

Following his positive performances in all his matches from the group stages, Mitchell Scerri will be Assistant Referee No.1 in the semi-final match – Spain vs France, being played on Monday 29th July at 20:00 at the S. Darius & Girenas Stadium in Kaunas.

The referee of this match shall be Orel Tsvika Grinfeeld (Israel). Nikola Razic (Montenegro) has been appointed as the other assistant referee, while Alexey Kilbakov (Belarus) shall act as 4th Official.

Photo: Copyright © Paul Zammit Cutajar