Life-ban for former Hamrun Spartans officials

Two former Hamrun Spartans officials – Elton Borg and Julian Friggieri – have been handed a life-ban by the Council of the Malta Football Association following match-fixing cases covering seven Premier League matches during season 2012/13.

The Board to Adjudicate Charges Relating to Bribery and Illegal Betting in Football had fined Hamrun Spartans €10,000 and deduct seven points at the start of the BOV First Division League 2013/14.

Elton Borg and Julian Friggieri had both resigned voluntarily from football-related activity for life and in an irrevocable way and therefore the Board accepted their decision since it is equivalent to the sentence given for such cases. The Board did not issue a decision since it felt that since the two had voluntarily resigned from football-related activity, they were no longer under the jurisdiction of the association.

The Council of the Malta Football Association had sent the case back to the Board but this confirmed its decision not to take further action against Borg and Friggieri.

Speaking during a meeting of the Council on Thursday, Darmanin Demajo said the Executive Committee had decided to refer the case to the Council following reports that the two were still hovering about football clubs and football grounds.

The Council unanimously voted in favour of handing a life-ban to Borg and Friggieri.