Premier Division Standing Committee want to retain current Premier League format

nationalstadium-viewThe Premier Division Standing Committee feels that the current Premier League format divided into two phases with points being halved at the end of the first phase should be retained.

In a statement, the Premier Division Standing Committee said that during a meeting which was held on Thursday, the various possible formats were discussed but the committee felt that for the good of the game, the current format should be retained. This was confirmed during a vote where the majority agreed with the current format.

“In view of this and of the verbal agreement among the various division which has always been respected, the Premier Division Standing Committee emphasises that everyone should respect their decision in the final vote,” concludes the statement signed by secretary Chris Grech.

In discussions held by the Malta Football Association with various stakeholders, a format based on three rounds with Europa League play-offs and play-outs for relegation – similar to the one adopted in the Eredivisie in the Netherlands – seemed to obtain the biggest approval.