Pre-season seminar for referees held in Gozo

Referees in categories 2, 3 and 4 and assistant referees in the national list category have attended a three-day pre-season seminar held at the Downtown Hotel in Victoria, Gozo between Friday and Sunday.

The intensive seminar programme for the 42 participants included both technical and physical training sessions, using the latest FIFA and UEFA teaching material.

Director of Refereeing Adrian Casha’s welcome speech on Friday was followed by Philip Agius’ presentations about Teamwork and Cooperation and Onside/Offside Situations.

An early speed/endurance training session conducted by fitness coach Ronald Zammit on Saturday morning was followed by Alexander Arena’s presentation about Management Issues.

Following a short practical session about Freekick Management, Adrian Casha led the Analysis of World Cup 2014 match situations.

On Saturday afternoon, participants were split into 7 groups to analyse Fouls & Misconduct and Offside Situations. Each clip was then presented by an individual participant infront of all and a discussion ensured.

Kevin Azzopardi coordinated a Laws of the Game Trivia and Charles Agius’ presentation about Communication in Refereeing ended a long day on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, Victor Mintoff presented National Clips from various domestic leagues around Europe and FIFA Referee Clayton Pisani shared with participants his views and knowledge about Mental Toughness in Refereeing.

Adrian Casha concluded the seminar and presented awards to participants who scored highest in the Video Quiz and Laws of the Game Trivia, as well as to those who gave the best contribution to the group of participants over the seminar weekend.

This annual event was organised by the Malta FA Refereeing Department in collaboration with the MFRA.