Youth FA in twinning agreement with Millennium Chapel

On the occasion of Fr. Hilary’s 80th birthday, the Foundation of the Millennium Chapel and the Youth Football Association have announced the twinning between the two well-known voluntary organizations.

The Millennium Chapel offers not only spiritual help, but also social help to the needy, to single mothers, homeless, people in strained relationships and addictions, and runs full educational programmes in character formation to young students throughout the scholastic year, called The WOW Xperience. The Millennium Chapel and WOW (Wishing Others Well) focuses its pastoral work on the whole person and is interested in the dignity and wellbeing of each individual person.

The Youth Football Association is responsible for around fifty Football Nurseries in Malta and caters for young people from the ages of 7 to 17, organizes football festivals and competitions for all these age categories. Football training is aimed at character formation of young people through sports. Through the Millennium Chapel, three Nurseries have already benefitted from the voluntary work by Italian students in Malta on the Leonardo project of the EU. These contacts and other activities can now continue with a more steady pace, once the twinning agreement will be formally signed on the 8th December 2014, on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the Millennium Chapel.