UEFA appoints Alan Mario Sant for UEFA Youth League match Monaco vs Benfica

UEFA has appointed FIFA Referee Alan Mario Sant for the UEFA Youth League Group C match Monaco vs Benfica, to be played on Wednesday at the Stade de formation AS Monaco 1 – La Turbie.

The other members of the refereeing team will be FIFA Assistant Referee Christopher Francalanza and Elite Assistant Duncan Sultana, while Johan Hamel has been appointed as 4th Official by the French Football Federation.

Stephen Lodge from England has been appointed as UEFA Referee Observer while Johan Van Kouterik from the Nederlands will be the UEFA Delegate for this match.

This is both teams’ third match of this competition reserved for the youth Under 19 teams of the 32 participating clubs in the UEFA Champions’ League. The top two teams from each group qualify for the next round of 16.

At the moment, Monaco lead the group with 6 points, followed by same Benfica with 4 points, Zenit 1 point and Leverkusen 0 points.